Conspiracy Theory : Steve Irwin faked his Death on September 4, 2006.

This blog is about the fact that I suspect "The Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin faked his death and is currently living somewhere in Australia, maybe with his father, Bob Irwin.

Steve Irwin died an accidental death from a Bull Ray piercing through his heart. His death was accidental and extraordinarily unique because the last time in Australia someone was ever struck in the chest by a Sting Ray barb was in the 1940s.

Steve Irwin died on September 4th 2006 from a Bull Ray's barb piercing through his chest. At the time when Steve died he was setting up to shoot ocean reef footage for a show that included segments of himself. Steve was with a crew of men on his boat called the "Crock One".

Below here is a photo of Steve's Boat the “;Crock One.”

Steve's right hand man was his cameraman, Justin Lyons, who he's had as a partner for 15 years. He was helping Steve work on a documentary called "Oceans Deadliest" at the time Steve died. They were eight days into filming scenes with sharks, crocodiles, Blue-Ring Octopus, Box Jellyfish and they were milking sea snakes when the two decided to take a break from filming.

During their break they went out in the water on a raft from Steve's mother boat the "Croc One" because they were very bored and decided to go look for Tiger sharks to film on the day he died.

I gathered my information about Justin Lyons claims about Steve's death from a YouTube video. I really enjoyed it and I think you'd probably like to watch it so please go right ahead because, there's a lot said that I didn't mention on this blog in this video about Steves unique accidental death.

The interview where Justin Lyons gives his side of how Steve died was filmed in Australia at Studio 10. Here is the You Tube link to the interview Steve Irwin's Last Words : Interview with his underwater cameraman Part 1 | Studio 10

There was also an interview with one of Steve's former friends/partner. His name is John Stanton. John Stanton saw the film of Steve's accidental death recorded by Justin Lyons and he stated he doesn't want Steve's horrible death that was filmed to ever be aired because he said it's just a horrible piece of film to be viewed.

John Stanton said that Steve was coming around over the top of the Bull Ray that was covered in the sand when the Bull Ray's barbed tail came up and went straight into Steve's chest.

John doesn't remember anything after that so he says in an interview with ABC's Barbara Walters called tragedy in Australia: The Steve Irwin story. I gathered some of my information from this YouTube video called Tragedy in Australia- The Steve Irwin Story. You're welcome to check out. I really enjoyed watching it and you might to. Here is the link Tragedy in Australia - The Steve Irwin Story

My question is this. How is it that Justin and John have contradicting stories of what was happening on the day and that week when Steve died. Justin said that it had been 8 rainy days into filming and because it had been rainy he and Steve decided to take a break because they were bored.  Justin stated that Steve felt like a caged tiger when he was on the mother boat the "Crock One" and because Steve felt like a caged tiger, they got in the raft and went to film Tiger sharks.

John stated that it was a sunny day when they were out filming and there were two or three days of beautiful sunshine when they were out filming bendy shows on Bat Reef. So as you can see these are contradicting accusations of what was occurring up until the time Steve died.

Below here are the last known photos that can be found on social media of Steve Irwin before his death.

Below here Steve can be seen in his raft with his camera man John Lyons on Bat Reef.

As you can see in the photo below here Steve is giving the okay sign on his raft before he dives in the water to film.

Below here in the photo Steve can be seen directing his raft with his crew before he gives the Okay sign and dives into the water to film.

I gathered these two photos from a YouTube video called The Last known footage of Steve Irwin. You might want to check it out because this is the last video known to man before Steve Irwin's accidental death.  Here is the link The last-known footage of Steve Irwin

John Stanton stated that he saw Steve pulling out the Barb that stabbed him in his chest.  John can be seen stating his claim as to how Steve died in this Link

Justin Lyons said that the Bull Ray Barb that pierced Steve's chest stabbed Steve hundreds of times within a few seconds wildly through Steve's chest and Steve did not pull the Barb out! Here is Justin stating this.

These two people have contradicting stories of how Steve died and how the weather was that day and that week. So how are you going to pull out a barb with your hands like John stated,  but Justin stated that the Barb that pierced Steve hundreds of times within seconds and then the Ray swam off. So whose claim is the real and factual claim of how Steve really died?

At the time when Steve died, his wife Terri was traveling with their kids Bindi and Robert. Once they got to their destination Terri received an urgent message from her brother-in-law. He told her in the message that there had been an accident and that Steve had died. Terri was in complete disbelief and shock when she heard that Steve died and the only thing that she remember saying when she heard the urgent message that Steve had died was "Don't Say It!" over and over again and her head.

Terri told her daughter Bindi, after the death of her father, to always remember. When something goes wrong. You have to have the faith and have to believe that it can be a new chapter and that we can go on. We can understand grief, but we will not be victims of this grief that we are understanding. That we will be Wildlife Warriors!

Below here Terri Irwin can be stating to Barbara Walters that she told Bindi that we can be Wildlife Warriors after the accidental death of Steve.

Terri went onto carry on Steve's message that he stood for family and Wildlife. She wanted everyone to celebrate Steve's life and what he stood for because there's so much more to Steve and everyone should know about his legacy and what he left behind.

Terri lost her Prince when Steve died from a Bull Ray piercing his heart. In his honor of her late husband Terri started the Steve Irwin Day that comes around every year on November 15th. I for one enjoy celebrating this day when it comes around. I am a fan of Steve Irwin, "The Crocodile Hunter" and Terri is right. He did stand for wildlife and I am going to stand along with him and be a Wildlife Warrior to.

There is no video evidence anywhere of Steve dying. If there is any evidence it could possibly be kept private with Terri and her family, but Terri has stated that she destroyed the film of Steve dying after the police viewed it. Some people don't believe that Terri actually destroyed the footage, but I guess we'll never really know for sure and the only person that knows is Terri.

Getting back to my conspiracy theory of the stories that John and Justin claim as to how their Mate Steve Irwin died are contradicting. You can go back and look at their statements in the YouTube videos and see what I'm talking about.

As well I'm a clairvoyant medium. I work with energy and the metaphysical. I study and learn quite a bit about energy work on a daily basis especially when it comes to energetic attachments and negative energetic attachments.

Now I'm going to tell you something that you probably might not believe, or you might just believe it. I remote viewed Steve Irwin's face on two different occasions within the last month, I felt his emotional energy and I heard him say my name.

The first time I remote viewed Steve Irwin's face was on Bindi Irwin's birthday on July 24, 2020. Not only was I remote viewing him and the expression on his face. I also felt his emotional energy because I was seeing what was being shown to me through the negative energetic attachments that I have to my body. These negative energetic attachments were attached to my body by Psychic Medium John Edward. He's very good friends with the Irwins if you don't know already.

When I saw Steve's face he was smiling and he was very happy. He said my name "Jane"when I was remote viewing him on Bindi's birthday. I was very taken back and surprised when I saw what I was remote viewing. This only lasted for a few seconds and then it passed on.

The second time that I remote viewed Steve Irwin was just recently, last week. The expression on his face was telling me he was not happy with me. As well his emotional energy was really bad and somewhat hatefully projected towards me. He was projecting his emotional energy towards me when I remote viewed him.

Well it is what it is and I guess the cat is out of the bag now. I know this for a fact. This man I suspect has not passed on because I remote viewed him and felt his emotional energy and heard him say my name. I know that Steve Irwin has to be alive!

This completes my conspiracy theory about Steve Irwin faking his death.

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